Aug 17

Top Tips to build a Social Media following for your Tourism Business

90% of businesses increase brand awareness with social media. Social media marketing is a really easy way to raise your profile, attract new customers, and win new business

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to give your follower count a boost, here are 7 tips that can help you start growing your audience now!

Understand your audience

Everything you are hoping to do with your social media profiles should be centred on who your audience is, alongside what they want and what they’re most likely to engage with. This will shape the type of platforms you use and the type of content you share.

Connect with influencers

Connecting and communicating with key influencers within your industry can help you to build your authority and reach a much wider audience.

Communicate on relevant hashtags

Keep up to date with the key relevant hashtags in your field and make sure you’re using them in your posts. You can also track these tags to see what’s being said and the type of audience that’s engaging with them.

Get visual

Don’t rely on text posts. It’s important that you share good quality images, videos, infographics and any visual material that will capture the attention of your audience.

Use a social media scheduling tool

Scheduling tools such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are great for helping you to keep on top of your activity and ensure you’re always sharing something. Avoid letting your profile go stale with a regular schedule of activity.

Make sure you respond

It’s vital that you take the time to respond to anyone who engages with your business. Whether it’s a statement, question, compliment or complaint, it doesn’t matter. You should be engaging with your audience if they’re taking the time to speak to you.

Use call to actions but don’t be salesy

You will be looking to drive action from your social activity. Your content should drive your audience towards a particular action but this shouldn’t be overbearing within their timeline. Scatter your call to actions within lots of great quality content and posts.

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