Finance For All

Friday, 01 December 2017 – 09:30-15:30

Conwy Business Centre, Llandudno Junction – Free

For businesses today raising finance can be both a time-consuming necessity and sometimes a minefield when specialist help and guidance is needed to support capital expenditure and grow sales.

This varied session will explore the variety of avenues that are available to businesses in North Wales.

This will include grant sources from both local government and other finance routes that can be utilised. We will also hear from one of the High Street banks who are keen to help. We will also have a presentation from a finance mentor who has helped a large number of businesses keep on the financial track.

Finally this session will conclude with a look at succession planning – who do we hand our business to when we wish to retire!!



Social Media connecting Businesses

Tuesday, 05 December 2017 – 09:15-12:15

Conwy Business Centre, Llandudno Junction – Free

Promoting your business on social media in its many guises is one of the fastest growing ways to market your business online. In this practical workshop we will take you through the best way to reach your target market whether that’s on Facebook, Twitter or / and LinkedIn.

We’ll give you the Do’s and Don’ts and guide you through how you can deal with unwanted attention.

We will also look at how social media encourages and rewards customer engagement. This workshop will also demonstrate the best way to get your company message across for maximum impact.

Attendees should be advised to bring a laptop/tablet to the workshop.


Be an Entrepreneurial Leader

Tuesday, 05 December 2017 – 14:30-16:30

Conwy Business Centre, Llandudno Junction – Free

“We’re ready for 2020, are you? Developing YOUR entrepreneurial leadership thinking”

The world in which we live and work is changing at a rapid rate, disruptive business modelling, drivers in technology and innovation across global communities will see new opportunities emerge over the next 10 years which do not exist yet. To identify, assess, and shape opportunities in a variety of contexts—ranging from the predictable to the unknowable future leaders in Wales will need to develop the skills and the knowledge to define innovative opportunities rather than be defined by them.

This interactive and fast paced workshop will introduce the thinking behind entrepreneurial leadership, exploring creative opposed to predictive logic, the way of thinking and acting that underlies entrepreneurial leadership. We will be discussing the competences of an effective entrepreneurial leader, the skills of predictive and creative logics and how can you cycle between them to develop your entrepreneurial leadership abilities.

Target attendees – Future leaders, those working towards progression into a leadership role/ individuals working towards business start up/ those who have already started a business – age range 18 – 30


General Data Protection Regulations Seminar

Wednesday, 06 December 2017 – 09:00-12:00

Conwy Business Centre, Llandudno Junction – Free

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. With GDPR coming into effect in early 2018 it is essential that businesses of all sizes understand what will be required of them to stay on the right side of the laws. This session will cover an overview of GDPR including what organisations should be doing right now to ensure that they are a step ahead as the deadline for compliance approaches. The session is aiming to be interactive and to discuss real world situations which every business faces and ways to handle these challenges in line with the new laws.

Jason Davies – Director – Safonda Limited

Jason has been developing secure web applications and advising companies on their Data Security for over 10 years. Jason’s passion for security and data protection led him to form the North Wales Cyber Security Cluster in June 2015 and he has since overseen the Cluster’s operations and growth with the Welsh Cyber Security Clusters now totalling over 700 Members. Jason also sits on the committee for North Wales and Cheshire BCS helping to spread best practice in data protection and cyber security to all areas of IT and other industries. As a data security expert, Jason has delivered training and awareness sessions on Cyber Security and GDPR for organisations such as AACA, Business Wales, ION Leadership, Superfast Business Wales, Denbighshire County Council, Digital 2016, FSB and many more.


Social Enterprise–Fresh Thinking

Thu 7 December 2017 – 10:00-14:30

Conwy Business Centre

Bev Garside, CEO of Empower will lead today’s sessions with some thought-provoking and challenging themes and cautions in this current competitive economic climate. She will demonstrate the need for more rigorous commercial acumen to develop sustainability within this sector.

Workshop 1

How to recognise if your organisation is in danger and how to turn things around?

They saying “Not being able to see the woods for the trees” is never more relevant than when seeking to make a charity or small business sustainable. Lack of capacity leads us to miss warning signs and once things start to slide, they often take on a momentum of their own.

This workshop gives a no-nonsense guide to identifying the warning signs. We explain safeguards to ensure you know the minute things go wrong and more importantly a fast-acting decisive plan to stop the rot and turn things around.

The session will include case studies of charities in difficulty and the response of Bev and her team.

Both preventative and solution focused this workshop is ideal for charities, social enterprises and small businesses.

Workshop 2

Nurturing and protecting your organisations brand

Your brand is not your logo, it’s not your trademark or your organisation. Your brand is the embodiment of your organisation and how it is viewed by your partners, your customers/service users, your suppliers and the wider community.

This workshop shows you how to create a brand identity, measure its effectiveness across key stakeholders.

Develop your brand reach.

Protect your brand.

Respond effectively to brand attacks.

Bev Garside talks about the development of her personal brand and the brands of Empower and Charity Job Finder.

She provides a range of strategies and initiatives that can be implemented with the smallest budget.

She also explains how to respond if things go wrong.

Training Academies within the Social Enterprise sector


ION Leadership Conference

Friday 8 December 2017 – 09:00-16:00

The Optic Centre, St Asaph – £20

“Meeting the Challenge of Change – Conference and Trade Show”

The ION leadership and 20Twenty Business Growth Annual Conference and Trade Show has been confirmed for Friday the 8th December 2017 at OpTIC, St Asaph from 9am until 4pm.

The Conference will focus on “Meeting the Challenge of Change” and how businesses Adapt and Manage Change.   Both the ION leadership and 20Twenty programmes help you develop the tools that you need to help you face change both personally and in your businesses, we discuss how to adapt to change and how to give yourself and your teams the confidence to manage change effectively.

Our fantastic line-up of speakers at our Conference this year will look at change from a leadership and management perspective.

Osian Roberts Coach and Assistant Manager of the Welsh national football team.   Described as “the most influential man in Welsh football”

Darren Lawrenson focuses his attention on helping drive change through thinking and behaviour on a global level.

Fiona McKay is an award-winning business turnaround, improvement & leadership expert and keynote & motivational speaker.

Jed Hassid is an innovative thinker who is not afraid to challenge the perceived wisdom of business owners and to make them re-examine their own preconceptions.


Conwy Business Centre